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LivUp is a health related e-commerce shop operated under a supervision of Healthy Incorporation Co.,Ltd., a health start up company registered in Thailand. Our journey has begun from a lover of our founder to his daughter who hate vegetable. She suffered from severe constipation. In searching for a healthy solution for his lovely daughter, he began to do researches on Healthy foods and Healthy products. With a PH.D background, Dr. Suksawat Sajarattanachote dug deep into a forefront academic research on Microbiome affecting our human health. By changing Lifestyle and supplying Probiotics and Prebiotics into his family's diet, his entire family have been living more healthier than ever been. His daughter 's constipation has cured.

His chronic inhalant allergy as well as his sinus infection has gone. It’s really true that “You are your own best doctor”. In 2017, He met Dr.Kobkul Sudsuansri, a founder of Thai Celfix Co.,Ltd., who first introduced Functional Medicine into Thailand. According to IFM, “Functional Medicine is a systems biology–based approach that focuses on identifying and addressing the root cause of disease. Each symptom or differential diagnosis may be one of many contributing to an individual’s illness.” This preventive health approach is really the future of medication. Taken a big picture of an on going trend of the Functional Medicine, LivUp has born integrating this approach into our objective and missions. It aims to sourcing the best products and services that 1) help everybody addressing the root cause of health issues, 2) help changing or adapting into a more healthy lifestyle, 3) help maintaining physical and mental health. Our aims are high, though we started small. Yet we have a big heart to give the best for everybody, and hoping that this will one day giving back to us and our better world.

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